Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO



Designed to contribute toward developing the economic circle of Kyoto, promoting regional industry and advancing science and technology, the Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute (ASTEM), with its former English name of the organization as Advanced Software Technology & Mechatronics Research Institute of KYOTO and with the present one renewed on October 1, 2009, was inaugurated on August 9, 1988 by Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, local industry centering on the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry and universities in the Kansai Region centering on Kyoto University as an advanced institute for technological development.

Chairman: Sei-ichi Nishimoto (Left)
President: Kiyoshi Agusa (Right)

Since then, ASTEM has established a network with industry, academia and the public through participation in various research and development (R&D) projects and businesses. ASTEM has undertaken R&D, technical support and support for developing technology-based new businesses in a wide range of fields from software to mechatronics (mechanics + electronics), nanotechnology and biotechnology. Kyoto is proud of the high level of its individualistic industrial technologies, ranging from traditional industry to high technology. Further technical contribution to this Kyoto industry will undoubtedly contribute toward the economic development of Japan. With this in mind, we at ASTEM continue to challenge and always look one step ahead.

Research and Development Trust Project (Research Division, Information Solutions Division)

Sponsored by the State, local governments and private enterprises, ASTEM undertakes R&D in the fields of software, networks, mechatronics and others, thereby contributing to the promotion of the regional information society and regional industry

Contract R&D projects sponsored by the State

Development, operation and management of an information provisioning system for Kyoto citizens and intranet at a Kyoto City Office. Development of a bus location system for cell phones and other technologies

Contract R&D projects sponsored by the local government (Kyoto City)

Development, operation and management of an information provisioning system for Kyoto citizens and intranet at a Kyoto City Office. Development of a bus location system for cell phones and other technologies

Other contract R&D projects

Operation of an Internet provider "kyoto-Pnet" for regional enterprises and educational institutions

Contract R&D projects sponsored by private enterprises

Customizing of 3DCG software for planetariums and development of welfare equipment

Research and Development Projects with Cooperation between Industry, Academia and the Public (Research Division, Academia-Industry Cooperation Division)

ASTEM is active in putting together research and development projects of the industry-academia-public cooperation type in the Kyoto region and in participating in research projects in response to proposals made utilizing public funds as an implementation and administrative organization.

Major recent projects
  • Research into an application framework for a broadband network environment
  • Research into the commercialization system design of a biodynamics simulator (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • Consortium R&D projects for regional revitalization (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • P2P decentralized communication of public wireless Internet via IPv6 (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
  • Next-generation software development project (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)

Municipal Regional Platform of Kyoto City for New Enterprise Promotion (Assistance for New Enterprise Promotion Department)

As a core organization to support new businesses in Kyoto City, approved by the Kyoto Municipality, authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and in cooperation with other industrial support organizations, ASTEM supports entrepreneurs and small and midsize enterprises in each phase from research and development to business ventures in the areas of technology, human resources and information.

Principal support measures

Consulting in one-stop consulting functions, sponsoring of Kyoto Entrepreneurs School, MOT human resource fostering and other lectures, feasibility studies for ventures and small and midsize enterprises.

Projects for start-up business support, entreprenur training, etc (Assistance for New Enterprise Promotion Department)

Operation of incubation facilities such as VIL (Venture business Incubation Laboratory) facilities, support for occupants of incubation facilities operated by other organizations and bodies, granting of incentives to student venturers, support for organization of senior venturers and other soft and hard fostering and support projects for incubators and entrepreneurs.

Cooperative Link of Unique Science and Technology for Economy Revitalization (Academia-Industry Cooperation Division, Kyoto Nano-Technology Cluster Office)

As a core organization in Kyoto for a cooperative link of unique science and technology for economy revitalization sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, ASTEM is conducting research and development into nanotechnology and other core technologies together with Kyoto University and other research organs and enterprises, aimed at realizing "Kyoto, a Nanotechnology Town."

Participant bodies

Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute, joint research enterprises and others.

Overview of research

Priority themes: Photonics, Thin films and nanoparticles, Processing and analysis of surface structures Basic technologies: MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) & NEMS (Nano Electro Mechanical Systems), Nanobiotechnology

Promotion of the Kyoto Biocity Vision (Academia-Industry Cooperation Department)

Based on the "Kyoto Biocity Vision" propelled by the Kyoto City, ASTEM has inaugurated the Kyoto Bio-Industry Technology Forum. ASTEM has undertaken "Development of Core Technology Forming Nano-medicine COE", a Kyoto City collaboration of regional entities for the advancement of technological excellence sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. In collaboration with the industrial cluster program, ASTEM has started the roject for Kyoto Bio-industry Creation & Support", aimed at developing a new bio-related industry.

IT Training Program Operation (Assistance for New Enterprise Promotion Department)

Succeeding the regional software center function of Kyoto Software Application Inc. that was dissolved in March 2005, ASTEM is undertaking training in IT human resources, spreading of IT literacy, and the development and provisioning of teaching materials for IT education widely for IT engineers, vocational trainees and ordinary citizens.


Lecture meetings for IT engineers Vocational training for personal computer operation Dispatch of IT education partners to elementary and middle schools